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Darius & Mimi's Love Story

These two siblings are a really special pair. They are opposite in basically every way, from their color, to their size, to their personalities, but, their opposite natures seem to balance each other out and they became the most attached pair of kittens One Love had ever seen. Mimi was the runt of the litter (not a bad thing, we love runts!) and had some trauma in her early kitten months so she was a bit shy, scared and nervous all the time. The only thing that could calm her down was her brother, Darius. He was very sensitive to her needs and if he was around, she was a confident, playful, affectionate little kitty. If he wasn’t around she just wanted to hide in a corner. They slept together, played together, ate together and were just very bonded. We knew we couldn’t separate these two and are so happy they found the perfect home where they can live together in happiness like the yin and yang that they are and balance out their new human family just the way they balance out each other. Happy lives little ones!

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