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Olaf's Love Story

Olaf is one of the best chinchillas in the world. He came to us severely neglected, soaked in his own urine, with extremely overgrown teeth and petrified of the world. After lots and lots of dust baths, treats and TLC, Olaf came around, and when he did he was a completely different little chinchilla. He became the most attention loving chinchilla you will ever meet. He loves pets and attention and just wants to be where his people are and feel like part of the family. He snuggles up in the weirdest places and sleeps like a rock, it’s just the cutest thing. He doesn’t like his butt being touched and if you did manage to accidentally touch his booty he would jump so high in the sky and then literally yell at you like a grumpy little old man for the longest time after. It was hard not to find it cute though. He was definitely a One Love all-star and while we miss seeing his adorable face every day, we know he is in a fantastic home getting all the one-on-one attention and family time he deserves. We love you Olaf!

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