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Robbie's Love Story

Robbie came to One Love with his mom and the rest of his litter as a very young kitten. He grew into one of the sweetest cats anyone could ask for. He is so easygoing and relaxed and he really just loves everyone. This guy was so loving, he was actually pre-adopted by his foster before he was even eligible for adoption. As we finished his vetting process, one of the main vets we use for the rescue fell in love with him too and asked if she could be his forever home (I wish we had this problem with more animals!) – she was heartbroken to hear that he was already promised to his foster home. After about a month went by, the foster’s living situation changed and felt it was no longer the best idea for them to keep Robbie permanently, so, lucky for him he had a phenomenal back-up home on standby. Our vet was so excited and welcomed him into her amazing forever home with open arms. We like to believe that everything happens for a reason and Robbie was meant to stay close to the One Love family. We know he is living the good life now, being pampered and spoiled by his new mama.

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