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Sammy & Allison's Love Story

Sammy and Allison had a bit of a rough start in life and became very bonded together. Despite that, Sammy is the cutest little fluffy creature with the most gentle soul there is. His black and white long haired sister Allison who is equally adorable is much more independent and outgoing. Sammy truly is the Yin to Allison’s Yang. This dynamic duo have happily been adopted together and now they have become the light of their new owners life, who has had many medical issues in the past and this playful pair are just the right kind of medicine to lift her spirits. Today when Sammy talks to be fed or just cuddled, his owner is quick to respond. And all of Allison’s fun outgoing kitten energy really brightens up their new owner’s day.  Together Sammy and Allison are truly cherished by their new grateful owner.

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