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Holly's Love Story

Holly has a very special story and an even more special place in our hearts. She was surrendered to us by someone who was facing some very serious medical issues and was unable to care for her and didn’t expect to be in a place to care for her anytime in the future. Given this information, we had placed Holly up for adoption but sadly didn’t get any interest in her for over 6 months (she was a bit on the older side but still a very sweet girl). Luckily, Holly’s original parent’s prognosis changed for the better and she decided that she would be able to take Holly back and care for her after all. Reuniting Holly with her original mom truly warmed our hearts and we could tell Holly was SO happy to be back in the home she knew and loved. Not all stories end up like this, but, we are so glad that this one had a happy ending and that we could play even a small part in it.

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