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Astro's Love Story

Astro was found as a stray with a severe leg injury which required amputation. But once she was healed, this sweet, gentle, calm, and loveable young calico didn’t let that stop her. Her forever family was drawn to her amazing spirit and her friendly affectionate nature, they knew she was the kitten for them. The fact that she was a tripod only increased the love they have for her. Her knew family is honored to have such a sweet and resilient kitten in their lives. Astro definitely wants to be where the action is and will get up from lounging in her bed as soon as she sees or hears her people in hopes of getting pets, nose kisses and ear rubs. Astro will also vocalize when she wants some pets from her human parents. Astro found a loving home with a family who appreciates her spirit and her affectionate nature and are truly in awe of this amazing kitten, and so are we!

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