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Waffle's Love Story

This adorable tabby kitten, raised with plenty of love and attention from humans is such a social little dude. Waffle's heart is as warm as a freshly made breakfast plate. He adores pets, snuggles, and of course playtime. With a zest for life that's contagious, he's always ready for an adventure but is also content to take a cozy nap curled up in your lap. Waffle love for his sisters Maple and Syrup, is as sweet as syrup on, well, waffles! Whether he's chasing toy mice or nuzzling your cheek with affection, Waffle is guaranteed to steal your heart with his playful antics and gentle sweetness. Waffle has found his forever home with his new sister Blossom, who loves to groom him and play with him. Congratulations Waffle!

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