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Iago's Love Story

Iago is a great bird who was being neglected and left in a cage with zero human interaction before he came to the rescue. He was deemed to be an “aggressive” bird which is why he ended up at One Love. With a little TLC from his foster parents, he began to trust people. While he still has a way to go before he fully regains that trust, he is definitely on his way, and would sit on shoulders and give kisses to our One Love volunteers. There was a lot of interest expressed in adopting Iago which shows how special of a bird he is, but, he was ultimately adopted out to a bird loving family where someone will be home with him all day so Iago can be out of his cage and enjoying life with the family and getting lots of love and treats all the time. We knew this was the right family for Iago because he is typically very weary of strangers, but, he warmed up to them right away! We are so happy for Iago and his new family.

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