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Trifle and Marshmallow's Love Story

Trifle and Marshmallow were born at One Love Animal Rescue and they had actually already been adopted before they were born! Their mom (Toffee) was rescued from a hoarding situation and came to the rescue very pregnant. We had been working with someone looking for the perfect fit for existing solo guinea pig and no matter how many piggies she tried, she could get her adult to accept the others. She wanted to try Buttercup but when she found out Buttercup was pregnant, we decided the best chance at getting her adult to accept a new member to the clan is if the piggies grew up with her! So, once they were weaned these two sisters were adopted on contingency for how they got along with the other and luckily it was a success! They are now getting lots of love and attention in their new home and even get to make occasional trips to their human mom’s office to get doted on by everyone else. We are so happy for these sweet girls and their new family!

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