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Duke & Bagheera's Love Story

These two senior brothers were quite a unique pair. We were worried they would have to spend the rest of their lives in the rescue being that seniors are pretty hard to get adopted, let alone a bonded pair of them. Especially since these two had pre-existing medical issues, it was going to take a very special person to be willing to adopt them. It did take some time, but that special person finally came along and was willing to adopt them with arms wide open, completely aware of their issues and the potential risks that come along with older kitties and it was such a blessing. Their new family has the biggest heart and are so glad they found these brothers. Duke and Bagheera have a new kitty sister to spend time with and an amazing view to look at while they lounge around and bird watch from the air-conditioned comfort of their new home. The adoption of these two literally brought tears to our eyes.

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