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Zane's Love Story

Zane is a super unique and special dog. He has some quirks from past stressors of being in a shelter and moving around to a lot of different homes, but in our opinion those quirks just make him more loveable. He is playful, energetic, loves walks and outdoor activities and is loyal to a fault. He enjoys laying next to his people and getting lots of pets and giving kisses. He absolutely loves the water. Chasing waves at the beach is his happy place. He loves his people and always wants to be by their side. Once he claims you as his person, you will know love like no other. Luckily for Zane, his foster parents experienced this phenomenon first hand and just couldn’t part with him. Foster fails are our favorite! We are so happy for Zane (now named Gunner) and know he is in the best home and is going to be so, so loved.

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