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Cora's Love Story

These two adorable Siamese siblings came into One Love in pretty rough shape. They were severely underweight, covered in dirt and fleas and had such bad upper respiratory infections that their eyes were crusted shut. We got them all cleaned up and placed them with one of our amazing fosters who was such a champ at administering meds and eyedrops and waking up at all hours of the night to make sure they were eating and staying on track. Once they were all healthy and feeling better, they were adopted to the most loving home where they are getting so much attention and have become so incredibly spoiled. They love being wrapped in blankets like a burrito and snuggling with their family. They also have the biggest cat tree you can imagine and love running and playing all over it. They are just the sweetest pair and we are so happy that they found the perfect home where they could stay together. Happy tails you two!

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