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Cookie's Love Story

Cookie has a special place in the One Love story as she was our first “official” rescue after we incorporated as a non-profit organization. She took way too long to get adopted, especially considering she is such a sweet young girl with such an exceptionally caring personally. After having her litter of kittens, she also took into her arms an orphan kitten and accepted her into then litter and treated that kitten as one of her own. She greets situations with acceptance, and although sometimes she may take a little while longer to trust people, she eventually does, and her loving nature shines radiantly. As a result of her caring and accepting personality, she makes friends with other cats easily, and attaches to people also quite easily, with only a few first apparent apprehensions. Once she makes a connection with a person, she will always come to them and loves rubbing against their legs, and receiving lots of pets, belly rubs, and all the affirmation she can. It was such a pleasure seeing her bloom as a young cat, and we are so excited for her to know that she is in a new home with someone who can effectively support her and care for as just as she does to every cat and person she meets. She now has a forever family with a kitty sibling named Biscuit and she is very happy bird-watching out the upstairs window of her new forever home. 

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