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Fez and Kelso's Love Story

This pair was found outdoors without a mother, but at least they had their sisters (Donna and Jackie) to keep them company. Because they were motherless, they were bottle fed here at the rescue. Fez and Kelso are opposites in some ways, yet they balance each other well at the same time. Fez is adventurous, curious, and playful and enjoys exploring and receiving belly rubs, while Kelso is mellow and cuddly and likes to sit next to those he trusts and to sleep. They were named after the characters Fez and Kelso from That 70’s Show because of their personalities that just seemed to fit. They now live in a loving home that overlooks a golf course, truly a perfect view for Fez to study the world and a perfect match for Kelso’s peaceful nature. We are so happy these boys found such a wonderful forever home.

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