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Garfield's Love Story

Garfield is a clever cat that has some traits found in dogs, such as coming when his name is called and wanting as much attention as possible. Unfortunately, in his short time on earth, he has already struggled with some sicknesses including an upper respiratory infection, stomatitis, and a severe tooth infection, but he is a fighter and he isn’t letting that keep him down or damper his spirits. Despite these obstacles, he in no way matches the stereotype of the sleepy reserved cat he is named after. He naturally entertains those in his company and has a remarkable personality that is unforgettable. His favorite activities include sitting on laps and snuggling for cozy naps, having his tummy rubbed, and being pet. It is undeniable that Garfield is a sweetheart, and we are so happy that he has an amazing new family who is committed to giving him the love and care he needs.

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