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Madeline's Love Story

As a velvet black cat with unique sage green eyes, Madeline immediately pulls you into a world filled to the brim with sweetness, kindness, tranquility, gentleness, and companionship that you will never know how you lived without. She loves to pursue friendship, as she is extremely social and talkative, and is always trying to form a connection with another person or pet. We say pet because she now lives in a forever home with an Australian Shepherd, and the two of them have the most adorable friendship. They play together and snuggle together, it’s too cute. In addition to her new dog sibling, she also now lives with four human siblings too who love her and know the positive spell she “casts” on those around her. Madeline was such a pleasure to have around at the rescue and while we certainly miss her charming personality, we are ecstatic that she has a forever family she can call her own that appreciates her magical character. 

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