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Marsha's Love Story

Marsha is an extremely sweet cat who has traveled quite a great distance, as she was originally from Sacramento, California. She has the ability to adapt to her environment due to this past instability, and when she does adapt, she displays such an affectionate and calm personality that makes her a cat that will always be there for you despite the worst moments. She does not like being in a cat carrier and can be rough at times, but she is one to cuddle, snuggle, and allow you to pet her once she establishes her trust in you. She was originally fostered, but a friend of the foster adored her peaceful and loving personality, and an agreement was made that the friend would adopt her and join another female cat, so that she has a cat sister. Marsha is so incredibly happy in her new home, where the love she gives is appreciated and reciprocated at the utmost capacity.

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