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Mia's Love Story

Mia came to One Love after her prior parent unfortunately passed away. Since then, she was passed from foster home to foster home before finding a place to officially call her own. We don’t understand what took her so long to be adopted because she has the most stunning soft sage eyes and paint dipped white paws. Her kind behavior pairs her character with that same gentle ambience. She is outgoing, affectionate, and not afraid of the world. She loves to receive lots of attention through pets and will rub on your leg whenever she wants more. Mia is a fluffy girl who likes to try to squeeze herself into spaces that just don’t seem to fit a cat her size. She loves to play, especially with her scratcher. She was adopted by a lovely family and has claimed her rightful place as leader of the family. She sleeps on her moms pillow every single night and reigns over the home with love. We are so happy she has found who appreciates her as much as we do.

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