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Paris's Love Story

Paris came to the rescue bloated, full of worms and an angry little kitty with attitude. With some medical care and some time in a foster home, she did a full 180 and is now healthy, happy and as sweet as can be. She is extremely adventurous and brave. She carries herself with assertiveness when she wants something and is not afraid to speak up when she wants something (her meow is quite mighty for a kitten her size). With her, you almost feel like you can understand what her meows mean due to how social and vocal she is. She enjoys head rubs and pushing her head into your hand, which shows she appreciates being a pet and having someone near her. As a playful and energetic kitten, she will always enjoy playing with anything that holds her attention such as in her new forever home, where she loves to chase lasers, eat, and spend time with her partly poodle dog friend who brings her back to the rich French culture her name alludes to. We are so happy that Paris has a permanent place where she can feel connected and unconditionally loved! 

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