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Timon's Love Story

Timon is such a sweet boy who had a rough journey on his way to finding his forever family. When he first came to One Love he was a shy boy, but, he made his mark by pooping out the biggest beetle we had ever seen (hence how he got his name), so it was clear he had been foraging for himself and doing his best to get by on his own as a tiny kitten on the streets. Once we got him all cleaned up and placed with a foster, he started coming out of his shell and he loved his foster mom – however, her other kitty didn’t like Timon too much and he got picked on a lot (which turned him off to the idea of being around other kitties), so he had to move a few times before he found a foster home he could thrive in. Luckily though, soon after he moved to his last foster home, he was adopted by a wonderful family where he can be the only kitty and be totally loved on by his two human siblings and wonderful human parents. He is living it up in his new forever home and we couldn’t be happier for him.

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