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Tommy's Love Story

Tommy started out as a bit of a spicy kitty, but with LOTS of patience, love and trust, we were able to make that spicy a little more sweet. Tommy values loyalty very deeply. He’s instinctively cautious and slow to trust, but once he feels comfortable with you, you will have the most affectionate companion for the rest of his life. His ways of expressing love are nuzzling against your legs and cuddling up on your lap (on his own terms of course). His favorite way to receive affection is lots of petting (including belly rubs!). He will communicate his need for affection with you by rubbing his head against your arm and will surrender his gratitude with a lullaby of purrs. As cuddly as he is, Tommy’s play drive is nothing short of a kitten. He loves chasing critters, playing with balls, and will drop whatever he is doing to obsess over a laser pointer. Tommy has made so much progress during his time with One Love. When he first came in, he was terrified of people and did not get along with other cats. He was borderline feral when he came in, but with a very patient foster, he finally learned to trust again and became a fantastic little guy. He found the perfect forever home with a patient and understanding with the biggest heart gave Tommy a chance and of course she immediately fell in love with him and now he has the perfect home to get comfortable in where he can stay for life!

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