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Migi's Love Story

Migi is such a special little guy. He came in as a scared, hissy, spicy little one eyed monster but who could blame him – he had a rough start. He was found in the middle of a very busy street, dodging cars with just one good eye. He had a severe eye ulcer and infection that took months to heal up. Once he started to feel better, he began to warm up and show his true personality. He is a lover and a cuddler when he wants to be and appreciates his nice cozy indoor home. Luckily, one of the One Love Volunteers actually decided to adopt him. He now is living it up with his new (matching) kitty brother, Mittens, and his dad who he loves so much. The two of them are inseparable and the bond they share is incredible. We are so happy for little Migi!

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