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Olivia's Love Story

Olivia is a sweetheart who was raised by a sweet and loving cat mother in addition to an incredible human foster and two siblings. Her mother definitely passed on her personality well to her kittens! Olivia is a very special kitten as she is polydactyl on all four paws which is pretty rare (more toes to love and nails to clip!) – it makes her an expert climber and toy catcher! She seriously is a gift to this earth with a lot of energy and a capacity for a great amount of affection and love. She is a little explorer, and your heart melts as she plays and hunts little catnip mice, chases the laser of a laser toy, and wrestles with her siblings. Her desire to be held and cuddled comes naturally, and she just honestly loves being a cat. She had a lot of adoption interest, but sadly none really worked out for her – she was the last of her siblings to get adopted, but, it was worth the wait because she stuck around so long, one of the One Love volunteers fell in love with her and knew he had to make it permanent. So we know she has the most dedicated and loving new home to stay in forever. Plus she still gets to come visit which makes us happy too!

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