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Salem's Love Story

Salem is a walking miracle. This all black onyx little girl was just shy of 8 weeks old when she was diagnosed with panleukopenia (FPV). FPV is almost always fatal in kittens but after lots of treatment including IVs, Salem miraculously survived and continued to thrive and received a clean bill of health a month later from the vet. Now that she’s all better, she is a little fireball full of energy and love. She loves to be on her new owner’s lap, shoulder, rubbing up against their legs, or just attacking one of her favorite toys- shoelaces! She really is the most affectionate cat on the planet and her new owner enjoys having her be a part of everything, everywhere he goes in the house she is right there to get some extra affection and love. We are so happy that Salem found her forever home where she is loved and cherished, and Salem is so happy to have the constant affection, attention, and love that she always wanted.    

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