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Fettucine's Love Story

Fettucine is a striking seal point Siamese kitten, who was found as a stray before he came to the rescue. Fettucine is a cuddly, sweet and overall relaxed kitten. He can be a little bit skeptical of new people and places at first, but he warmed up to his new family really fast and was purring away in their arms rather quickly. Fettucine is an enthusiastic eater and is very food motivated, he comes running if he hears treats or a wet food can. He is also very playful and especially likes the wand toys.  Fettucine’s new name is Benji, which we think is super cute. He is now part of a family of animal lovers who have also adopted a guinea pig and a cockatoo from us! We are so glad that Benji found such a wonderful and loving forever home.

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