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Cocoa Puff and Cocomelon's Love Story

Cocoa Puff and Cocomelon were part of the rainbow litter born to mama Cocoa here at the rescue after mama was saved from a shelter. All of the babies were different colors, and not one was all black like mama Cocoa. Cocoa Puff is the brown tabby of the crew and he is super sweet, outgoing, brave, and playful. His sister, a super cute little calico is just as playful and affectionate so it was wonderful when these two found a forever home together. To say that their new owners are cat people would be an absolute understatement. Every room in their house is especially designed for maximum cat fun and amusement, they even have a 10 foot tall specially commissioned cat tree surrounded by plants so that their cats can feel like they are all kings of the jungle. We are so happy that Cocoa Puff and Cocomelon found such a phenomenal home with this family of cat lovers.

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