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Einstein's Love Story

Einstein is a special little one, who came to the rescue as a single bottle baby, and really stole all of our hearts the moment we met him. From day one, even though his eyes weren’t open yet, he was very vocal and he liked to tell us about what he was thinking. With the care of his bottle feeding foster and the One Love team, he blossomed into the sweetest, quirkiest, smartest, most affectionate and loving little monster anyone could ever imagine. Now he is part of a family which  includes two children who give Einstein all the love and cuddles he could ever want. He can make a toy out of just about everything, but his favorite are things that move (and he will gladly play with fingers and toes if you let him). When he’s done playing, he melts into his family’s arms, lap, or chest and falls asleep purring. He is the perfect balance of chill, crazy, affection and independence . Einstein is honestly the perfect boy, and we are so glad he found his forever family!

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