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Peter and Cottontail's Love Story

Peter is a friendly, curious, and adventurous young boy. He is very social with people and other animals alike. He enjoys attention and loves getting pet and brushed. He loves eating veggies and hopping around. He really enjoys his outdoor time and loves basking in the sun. He is a curious boy and is always the first to greet new friends. Peter’s bestie and inseparable sidekick is Cottontail. Cottontail is an adorable energetic young girl. She is very brave, curious and confident. She likes to greet new people and is generally very inquisitive. She is a great jumper and can get up into places you wouldn’t expect- she usually likes sitting on high ground when she can. She is playful and loves to hop and zoom around with Peter. These two cuties were inseparable, that’s why it’s so wonderful that they were adopted together by a loving young family, including two little girls who adore bunnies. In their new home they have a huge back yard filled with bunny safe plants to hop around and do zoomies in, and a beautiful enclosure to sleep in at night. Peter and Cottontail have also made a new friend with the family cat. Congratulations to Peter and Cottontail for finding their forever home together!

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