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Serrano's Love Story

Serrano was found as a stray before coming to the rescue. Serrano is seriously one of the sweetest kittens around. She is a tiny ball of love and energy. That’s why it was so tough when she nearly got adopted not once but twice, and both adoptions fell through. But then something amazing happened. An avid cat lover applied to be a foster with us. Serrano fit the bill, and after spending some time with her foster family (which includes two other cats) Serrano’s foster could see how perfectly Serrano fit into her family and had to make it permanent. We just love foster fails like this! Serrano loves being held by her people and can play all day long with her new furry friends. She is comfortable being held like a baby and likes to snuggle up to her people and get pet. Some things are just meant to be, and we are so glad things worked out just right for Serrano, her new family, and our retired foster.

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