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Fredo's Love Story

Fredo was found as a stray. Fredo is an awesome guy. He has a beautiful sleek black coat with almost a shimmer of tabby stripes when the light hits him just right. He has a kind of permanent “grumpy” face, but his personality certainly doesn’t match his expression. He likes being pet and will rub up on legs to show affection. Fredo’s adopter chose to have an adoption trial period before deciding to permanently adopt him, but reached out to us the very next day wanting to make Fredo part of his family forever, because Fredo is just that amazing! Fredo is comfortable being held by his person and really loves back scratches and being brushed. He loves sitting on blankets (or really any freshly cleaned laundry). He’s very friendly with all people and enjoys playing and taking treats from hands. Fredo truly is the best cat ever, is it any wonder his person knew it too?   

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