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Irene's Love Story

Irene was found as a stray and was part of a feral cat colony, but she was so ultra affectionate we just knew she had to be adopted! Besides being a very unique color combo of tabby point Siamese, Irene is a calm, affectionate and outgoing young lady. Her adopters were so well prepared for her that they already had an extra tall cat condo built, the cutest sunflower scratching post, and a plethora of kitty toys just for her.  They decided to adopt her permanently after the brief meet and greet because they knew she was the one. Irene is very comfortable being held and pet by her new people and likes to snuggle up next to them on the couch or in bed. She is an enthusiastic eater and is very food motivated. She is a talker and likes to “chirp” to tell you what she’s thinking. She is intelligent, adorable, and affectionate. She is everything in a cat that her forever family was looking for.

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