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Jerri's Love Story

Jerri is a very regal looking Lynx Point Siamese who was a stray before coming to the rescue. Jerri is a cuddle bug with the sweetest personality and the softest purrs. She absolutely loves it when you rub her belly and the sides of her face next to her ears, it makes her feel like a queen. Just like true royalty, Jerri loves affection and attention any time she can get it. Although she prefers to be the only pet in the household, she will tolerate other cats if she must. Jerri is very good with children, she will let them give her belly rubs and play with her. When she met her forever family for the first time, she was immediately loved on and cuddled by the two young children. She responded with purrs and her exceptional grace. Jerri is a beautiful and very well behaved kitty who never hisses or attacks, unless you count swatting at toys. She is also an expert on making biscuits and napping and she takes her responsibilities in those areas very seriously. She is an amazing addition to her forever family bringing joy, love, and lots of cuddles.

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