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Noir's Love Story

Noir was found as a stray, but soon after coming to the rescue she gave birth to her beautiful litter of three kittens on Halloween. She was a fantastic mom to her three babies. Noir is a confident, elegant, outgoing and overall wonderful kitty. She is curious and always the first to explore new things and greet new people. She is affectionate and loves people. Noir found a forever home with an artist who works from her house, so she is always there to give pets and love to her. Noir enjoys pets, butt scratches, belly rubs and attention in all it’s forms. Noir will likely be the subject of many works of art, since that is her person’s profession. She likes to rub up on her persons legs and can often be found right at her person’s feet engaged in overseeing whatever art project her person is working on at the moment. Noir has truly become an inspiration for her new family.

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