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Nani and Lilo's Love Story

Nani and Lilo are a pair of beautiful Torbie sisters who were found as strays. Nani is a friendly, loving, and playful kitten and Lilo is a delightful affectionate young girl with a playful and curious personality. Nani is a charming girl with a big personality and an immense love for toys. Nani loves balls and catnip mice and carries them around with her in her mouth. Lilo loves to play with toys too, especially feather wands and loves running zoomies around the house. Lilo and Nani found a very special forever home with two young boys who were adopted. The adoption process for Lilo and Stitch was very important and meaningful for these two brothers. Now Lilo and Nani can snuggle, get cuddled and carried when they finally tire out from all the playtime they have with their new owners. It’s just perfect, the two boys have just as much energy as the two kittens!

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