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London's Love Story

Beautiful London, where do I even start? She is a silky solid silver and was rescued from a shelter along with her five babies. She was a wonderful and attentive mother. All of her babies were adopted quite quickly, and it took some time for London to find her forever home, but she patiently waited for just the right one. London truly has the best personality, she is sweet and affectionate, and she chooses her favorite people. The best way to steal London’s heart is by giving her Churu treats, she adores them. Once she chooses you, London will sit in your lap or if you’re laying down she will lay right on your chest. She bonded immediately on her meet and greet to the 16 year old who was soon to be part of her forever family, and she was permanently adopted right on the spot. Everyone, including London knew that was the family and the home she had been waiting for. This was a very special adoption for a very special cat. We will miss you beautiful London, but wish you many long years of happiness with your forever family!  

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