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Tina's Love Story

Tina is a sweet calico kitten with a personality as vibrant as her coat! This little bundle of energy is always on the prowl for fun and adventure. Whether she's darting across the room, playfully swatting at dangling toys, or climbing to the highest shelves, Tina's agile moves will leave you in awe. With her mischievous nature, she's known to pounce on unsuspecting toes, turning your house into an interactive playground. Tina has a keen sense of fashion too; she'll make sure all eyes are on her with her unique coat pattern that seems like a work of art. But don't let her fierce exterior fool you, she is also a sucker for cuddles and attention. Once she's tuckered out from her adventures, she'll curl up in your lap, purring contentedly as you stroke her soft, multicolored fur. Her family consists of two energetic boys who will challenge Tina to see who can get tired first from having so much fun. Her mom immediately fell in love with her when she saw them all curled up together. Once they all saw tina’s personality shine through they knew she was meant for their family. Congratulations Tina!

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