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Coraline's Love Story

Sweet little Coraline was found as a stray before making her way to the rescue. Coraline is a little bundle of joy wrapped in a coat of sleek, intense, shiny black fur. She’s like a tiny ninja, always ready to pounce and play. But don’t be fooled by her stealthy moves, because she’s also a big sweetheart who enjoys snuggles and skin scrathches. Her purr machine is always on high, and she’ll melt your heart faster than you can say “cat nap”! With her playful spirit and affectionate nature, Coraline fit right in with her new family. Her new family includes two very experienced cat people, and a couple feline friends too. Her new pet parents are so in tuned to the cats in the family that they know which types of music each cat likes, (and they are all different). Coraline made the perfect addition to this family, now everyone can enjoy endless entertainment and cuddle sessions with this girl, we are so happy for her!

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