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Curious George's Love Story

Curious George was rescued from a shelter, and he may not be a monkey, but he is just as cute, curious, and mischievous as his namesake. With his deep red fur, and big beautiful eyes, he’s practically the star of his own show – The Adventures of Curious George! As the biggest and boldest of his litter, he has a majestic presence that can not be ignored. But beyond his impressive size, he’s got an even bigger heart filled with love and affection. When it comes to cuddling, he’s a world-class champion – just press the “pet” button and unleash his mega-purr engine. He is also an attentive spectator of all things fascinating. A lofty perch is his dreamy fortress where he can keep a watchful eye on everything around him. Little Curious George found his forever home with a very bright college student who also happens to have red hair. She was looking for a loyal companion to watch her favorite shows with her, snuggle up on the coziest spots, and make her heart sing with purrs, and she found him (she permanently adopted him on the spot)! She found her perfect study buddy – Curious George!

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