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Lyla's Love Story

This sweet and gentle girl is an exceptional mom to her adorable kittens. Not only did she raise 5 adorable boy kittens of her own, but she even adopted an orphan female kitten about the same age as her boys and treated her just like her own and raised them all to be happy, healthy and perfect. That being said, she is ready to embark on a new chapter in her life, where she can bask in the adoration of a loving family of her very own where she can be the center of attention. Lyla loves people. She cherishes every moment spent in your presence and will make it known with her gentle purrs and adorable chirps. This sweet feline is a master of making you feel special, showering you with unconditional love and appreciation as she rubs between your legs and headbutts you for pets. She’s a great couch cuddle buddy and loves to sleep in the sun and near windows whenever she can. Lyla found her forever family with the best kind of people- total animal lovers! So not only will Lyla get lots of love from her human family, but also from her cat brother and two doggy sisters. Lyla does great with dogs and other cats so this family just happens to be perfect for her.

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