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Icee's Love Story

Icee is a wonderful, playful, affectionate kitten with a fearless spirit! This daring adventurer will pounce his way into your heart, leaving a trail of excitement in his wake. Icee’s favorite pastime? Engaging in acrobatic flips and jumps while chasing those little round plastic ball, like he’s on a sugar high. When it's time to unwind, Icee seeks comfort in the company of his siblings, Licorice and Popcorn. Snuggled up close, these adorable kittens form a cuddle puddle that is simply irresistible. They may be busy bodies during the day, but when night falls, Icee is more than happy to curl up with his human family for a cozy snuggle and sleep filled with sweet dreams. Icee is very comfortable being handled and has made the sweetest addition to a young family who knew they were missing a little something in their lives. Icee was actually a surprise from husband to wife, and when she first saw this cute little fluffball, her eyes filled up with tears because she was so excited and full of love! Icee is now a very important part of a family filled with love.

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