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Lorax's Love Story

Lorax is a super sweet boy who had a rough few years living on the streets. He was found by a caring person who noticed he had an issue with his eye and got him to One Love so that we could get him treatment. Unfortunately, his eye ulcer was an older injury so there is some permanent scarring on his eye that makes it look a little different, but it doesn’t cause him any pain and he can see just fine and live a totally normal cat life. Lorax is a very sweet and affectionate boy who loves pets and belly rubs. He just leans into pets and flops over to let you know that he appreciates all the attention. He lets out the cutest little chirps when he doesn’t think he’s getting the attention he deserves. He rubs up on legs and loves to sleep right next to his person on the couch. He is comfortable being carried, but he is a big boy so he can get a little bit heavy. Lorax found his forever family with a cat aficionado who had shoes custom made with her other cat’s face on them. Lorax deserved a home where he would be spoiled, pampered and appreciated for the terrific and amazing cat that he is, and we are so glad he found it! Looks like it’s time for Lorax’s owner to order a new pair of custom shoes with his likeness on them too!

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