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Mike Trout's Love Story

Mike Trout was an owner surrender due to no fault of his own, his elderly owner had to be hospitalized. Mike Trout is a handsome, mature and affectionate guy. He is very loving and comfortable being handled by people. He enjoys attention and is great with kids and cat friendly dogs. He enjoys lounging around most of the day and sleeping in sunny spots around the house. He also enjoys cuddling up on the couch for a good movie night. He is extremely food motivated and will do just about anything for wet food or a delicious snack. He is an easy going and friendly dude and we are so happy that he found a home with someone looking for a friendly feline companion. Mike Trout’s owner is a cat enthusiast who grew up with cats and was looking for just the right one to be his sidekick. Congratulations Mike Trout, we know you will be very happy in your forever home.

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