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Dominique's Love Story

Dominique was a stray before coming to the rescue. This all black beauty will steal your heart with her cuteness, her confidence, and her insatiable love for life. Wet food and Churu treats are her absolute favorites, and if you offer her these delectable morsels you will have a friend for life. But it’s not just food that brings her joy, she is a social butterfly through and through. Dominique adores being around people and will greet her new owner with cute meows and head bumps whenever she’s near. Dominique is all in for cuddles or playtime, and she is happiest when she has her person to share in her adventures. Her new name is Ivory, which we think is adorable, and her person has described her as her absolute best friend. And that’s just the way it should be. We are so happy that these two besties found each other!  

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