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Ella's Love Story

Ella was surrendered to the rescue 3 years ago when her owner had to leave the country for work and could not take her with him. The only reason any of us could figure out why Ella was here for so long, was that she was simply waiting for just the right family to give her a forever home, and she found it! Ella is a super sweet girl, with enormous green eyes. She is a little shy and timid at first, but once she gets comfortable she is a very loving and affectionate kitty. Ella is a calm, gentle, and clean cat. She is borderline OCD with how much she grooms herself, she always makes sure her coat is in pristine shape and looks it’s best. When she got to her new home, she knew it was forever. She explored immediately and raised up on her hind legs just to get some really great head pets! She looked so happy, and has made herself right at home. Now she is spoiled and loved and treated like the queen that she is. Her forever family are cat enthusiasts, who truly appreciate the feline species. This was one of the most amazing adoptions we have had here at the rescue, and our hearts are brimming over since Ella found her forever home.

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