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Jenner and Bellatrix's Love Story

These two are quite the pair. They weren’t natural siblings but they have become the best adopted siblings anyone could ask for. Jenner came in with his mom and Bellatrix came in as a bottle baby – they actually were both raised in different foster homes, but, their new forever home fell in love with both of them and they have been partners in crime every since. Jenner is the most chill, relaxed and easygoing dude. Bella is a little bit more nervous at first, but Jenner’s energy calms her down and she forces him to play a little bit so the two have become an inseparable and amazing pair who balance each other out well. They found the most fantastic forever home. They were welcomed on adoption day with personalized “welcome home” signs and their own room decked out as a kitty wonderland just to themselves. We know they are loving being spoiled and doted on so much by their new forever family and we are just thrilled that these two found such a perfect home!

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