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Luna's Love Story

Luna is an exceptionally sweet and gentle cat. Although she is shy at first, she eventually warms up to new people, revealing a mellow, playful personality. Her favorite activity is to sit on a cat tree and look out the window, and she also likes to play with her toys and cuddle up with a special stuffed animal she sleeps with at night. She gets along well with other calm and caring animals and likes to make friends. However, her calm nature has always made her incompatible with more high energy dogs and cats. One of our most long-term and experienced foster parents fell in love with the kindness and peacefulness she exudes so much that she adopted her, which was the ultimate happily ever after for both Luna and owner. Luna is in a devoted home that is committed to providing her with the care and love she needs, resulting into her blossoming more and helping her to break out of her shyness and becoming more curious and explorative. We could not be more excited for Luna and her new forever mom!

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