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Ace and Domino's Love Story

Ace was found as a stray kitten, while Domino was rescued as a kitten from a shelter. They are not from the same litter, but they are only about a month apart in age. Both Ace and Domino grew up as part of the rescue and it did take quite some time to find them just the right home. But when they went together to a foster, Ace with his sleek black and white coat and Domino with his long luxurious black and white fur, they became very attached to one another and their personalities bloomed. They are both ultra affectionate and outgoing, maybe that’s why they enjoy each other’s company so much. They fit so well into their foster family that the family realized they just couldn’t say goodbye to this awesome pair, so they adopted them outright- together! Not only do Ace and Domino have a wonderful loving forever home and family, but they have each other too. Their wait was well worth it!

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