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Mango and Cantaloupe's Love Story

Mango and Cantaloupe were part of the large “fruit” litter siblings that we rescued from a local county euthanasia shelter. Both Mango and Cantaloupe are super sweet and affectionate, but while Cantaloupe likes to be held, cuddled and loved on any which way, Mango is a bit more outgoing and dare I say rambunctious? But we knew these two cute fluff balls had found their forever home when on the meet and greet Mango climbed up the inside of a lamp and knocked it over. Their new person calmly replied “Oh that lamp has to go! We’ll just replace it with a cat tree!” Thank goodness for people like Mango and Cantaloupe’s new family who understand and accept kitten energy in all its forms, and find it makes these kittens even more endearing.

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