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Harry's Love Story

Harry was found as a stray before coming to the rescue, along with his brothers Ron and Neville. Harry is a handsome, gentle, long haired young boy with a tabby coat the color of silver. He is always cautious at first but once he explores every nook and cranny that he can, he definitely takes charge and becomes the leader of the pack. He is always calm and collected and nothing seems to phase him much.  Harry’s new owner is an absolute cat fanatic, has much experience with felines, and truly understands and appreciates each cat’s particular personality. Now that Harry has settled into his new forever home, he enjoys playing with string toys, chasing laser pointers, lounging in his favorite cat cubby and watching those pesky squirrels through the sliding glass door. Harry is comfortable being pet, but doesn’t like being carried for long periods of time. He does however love to be brushed by his person, and will sit patiently while she brushes his long silver hair with the most content look on his face. Harry found a patient , calm, forever home with a family that was willing to open their hearts up to him, way to go Harry ( who is now called Smokey Joe)!

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