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Stripe's Love Story

Stripes was surrendered to the rescue by an owner who loved her very much, but could no longer take care of her and entrusted her with us to find her a loving forever home.  Stripes is a very friendly, vocal, and affectionate girl. She is very intelligent, she knows her name and comes when she is called. At her meet and greet she explored her new home for a while and then picked her favorite spot right underneath the T.V. in a little cubby. When she stretched out and hunkered in that’s when we knew she had found her forever home. Besides lounging in her favorite cubby, Stripes also likes to play fetch with hair ties and chase plastic balls around the house. She especially enjoys anything with bells or that makes noise. Stripes loves her new people and is very comfortable being held, pet, and brushed. This all around wonderful girl found a home that will love her forever, and she definitely deserves it.

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